MSR Traffic

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MSR Traffic Company offers products and systems for detecting, counting and management of all types of vehicles using magnetic technology. MSR traffic has developed some of the most innovative and advanced products for parking management:

  • Magnetic field sensor that enables both the counting as well as the single-space detection of vehicle, car, trucks, traffic
  • Evaluation control units
  • Zone controller to manage and monitor traffic, vacant parking space

Magnetic sensor based parking system are quite easy to install, quite cheap and very low on maintenance making much more preferred product compared to inductive field based products.

Some of the many advantages offered by the system:

  • Magnetic field sensor reliably detects all types of vehicles (cars, trucks, buses, etc.)
  • Many mounting options (rail, wall, floor)
  • Long life
  • No maintenance costs
  • High efficiency
  • Security
  • Reliability