Natural Refrigerant Gas Leak Detection

Petrol Diesel Vapour Sensor Transmitter

Natural Refrigerant Gas Leak Detection

We are pleased to introduced Natural Refrigerant Gas Leak Detection & Control Alarm System in Australasian Countries.

MSR Germany PolyGard2 Natural Refrigerant Gas Leak  Detector and Control Alarm System (CO2, Hydro-carbons including Ammonia, HCF, HCFC) is designed to continuously monitor for Leaking Refrigerants in the trace levels.


  • Monitor CO2 Refrigerant leaks in 0-2000 PPM range
  • Monitor hydro-carbon leaks in 0-100 % LEL (methane, LPG, propane, butane etc)
  • Duct mount option for detection of leaking refrigerants in return ventilation ducts
  • Integral relay option (DPDT, 5 A, 250V contacts) for A-V Alarm or ventilation fans or shutting off gas supply solenoid valves
  • Stand-Alone, wall mount Refrigerant Leak alarm, 24 V AC/DC operation, with display, 4 x Relays for fans,  A-V Alarm, diagnostics/watchdog with system fault relay, analogue output for PLC, BMS, SCAD
  •  Multi-point Monitoring System with 4 – 24 Remote Transmitters for CO2, Ammonia, Hydro-carbons
  • Option of Remote sensor/transmitters in IP 54, IP 65, Stainless Steel housings
  • Infra-Red based, gold-plated CO2 sensor with Automatic Background Calibration (no maintenance required)
  • Hand-held portable CO2, Ammonia, hydrocarbon detection instruments
  • Oxygen Monitoring Transmitters for 0-25 % Vol O2 (oxygen deficient atmospheres created by CH4, CO2
    in enclosed areas.

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