Data logger

Portable Gas Measuring Device incl. Datalogger Series ADL-X1-11XX for Toxic Gases.

ALVI – India in association with ALVI – Australia we are pleased to offer you portable Gas measuring Device including Datalogger for Toxic and combustible Gases .

Portable gas measuring device with integrated datalogger for the continuous monitoring of the ambient air to detect the presence of toxic gases and vapours, as well as of oxygen. Up to 16,000 measuring values are recorded in the datalogger.
For the detection and recording of toxic gases and vapours, as well as of oxygen in a wide range of commercial applications.
 Suitable for toxic gases and vapours, as well as for oxygen
 Measuring cycle adjustable from 2 sec. to 5 hours
 Datalogger for 16.000 measuring values
 Data readout via the USB port
 Data output in Excel standard format
 Internal rechargeable battery: Lifetime depending on sensor type
 Certified calibration

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