Fischer Pressure Transmitter /Switch with colour change display

The Ms13 is a pressure transmitter/switch for measuring relative pressure. The unit  is suitable for measuring pressure and under-pressure in non-aggressive gas-like and fluid media.

The MS13 complies with the state-of-the-art and is safe; it also takes into account the relevant  regulations and EC directives. The manufacture will not be liable for damage arising from incorrect or improper use.

The unit was designed bearing in mind all relevant  factors that could impact on its safety. Also, the unit was produced, inspected and supplied with a user  manual so that if it is used in unforeseeable reasonable conditions, its safety is guaranteed for its entire service life.

Features :

  • LCD color change display
  • switchable pressure units
  • 2 independent switching points with lots of configuration options
  • Analogue signal output with possibility of characteristics curve  spread, characteristic curve reversal and offer setting
  • characteristic curve implementation via  table with max. 30 measuring point protocol possible through optional transmitter PC interface

Typical Application :

  • Simple pump control  system
  • Monitoring of pumps and compressors
  • Fitting level measuring

Application Areas :

  • Technical facility equipment (TGA)
  • Process engineering
  • Process Technology
  • Environment Technology

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