Flow Measurement By Using Digital FD38/39 Pressure Transmitter

Flow Measurement By Using Digital FD38/39 Pressure Transmitter



GAS ALARM SYSTEMS/ ALVI AUTOMATION INDIA Offer Fischer Product Flow Measurement by Using digital FD38/39 pressure transmitter.
Importance of flow measurement:
Flow measuring instruments are used in the fields of water and waste water,
the chemical / petrochemical sectors, oil and gas industries, energy and steam generation, pharmaceutical, paper and pulp production as well as in the food and luxury food industries. Those instruments serve to cover numerous sector specif-ic applications.
In the majority of cases, the flow volume is the decisive factor for the efficiency of
the plant performance. In order to control its output as accurately as possible and to achieve a high degree of efficiency, the determination of the flow volume is of utmost importance.

The compact design of the FD38/39 is an obvious advantage. There is no additional tubing necessary. The use of capillaries enables to cover various temperature ranges which may also exceed the admissible medium tempera-ture of the measuring cell. In addition, the capillaries also serve to balance machine vibrations and potential pres-sure shocks caused by pulsating media.

Advantages of the LC display:
– switch contacts available as standard, NC / NO contacts (selectable)
– color change with freely adjustable measuring values and adjustable hysteresis up to 1800s
– easy parameterization by means of keypad
– storage of tables for value pairs
– square rooting of the output signal
– password-protection
– display of the differential pressure or flow volume (m³/h or l/min) including bar graph

– adjustment of contrast value

Advantages of restrictor measuring:
– allows high accuracy
– no electrical conductivity of the
process medium required
– covers various temperature ranges
– maintenance free – no moving parts

– robust stainless steel design for effec-tive media resistance.