MSR – PX2-X-X-C1194-A Hydrogen Gas Sensor

PX2-X-X-C1194-A PolyXeta II IECEx Hydrogen Gas Transmitter.
Microprocessor based analog gas transmitter with 4–20 mA output signal for monitoring the ambient air and detecting toxic concentrations (0 – 1000 ppm) by means of a catalytic sensor (Electro-chemical). The MSR gas transmitter is used to detect combustible and toxic compounds in areas classified as Group I.


(0) 4-20 mA analog signal output
IECEx Certification MSR Electronic
SIL 2 Certification for RS485 / 4-20 Analog / Relay for safety functions
ATEX Certifications MSR Electronic
Continuous Monitoring
Microprocessor with 12 bit converter resolution
Self diagnostic procedure
Easy Calibration, housing can be opened in zone 1, during operation.
Reverse Polarity / Overload Proof
Certified for Zone 1 / Zone 2
Optional Extras:
LCD display
Relay Set & LCD
Relay Set
Built for a standard output of 4-20 mA analog signal output, this transmitter is compatible with the PolyGard series controllers the MGC/DGC as well as any other electronic control or automation system.

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