ALVI AUTOMATON (India) Pvt Ltd offers products and solutions for measuring, monitoring, control and automation for HVAC&R, buildings and process industries. ALVI AUTOMATION (India) Pvt Ltd offers products for safe areas and for hazardous areas like zone 1 and zone 2. Gas Alarm products are manufactured and tested based on most stringent norms of the industries and certified according including UL, FM,SIL2, ATEX. The products are highly reliable on continuous performance and accurate monitoring.ALVI AUTOMATON (India) Pvt Ltd products are designed to work in most difficult operating environment like coal mines, oil & gases, power plants, process industries etc.

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Gas Sensor Datalogger Dew Point Monitor
Gas Analyser Flow Transmitter Radiation Thermometer
Gas Leakage Monitor Parking Monitoring AmbientAir Analyser
Gas Detector Traffic Management Actuator
Pressure Gauge / Switch/ Transmitter Vehicle Tracking Portable Instruments
Differential Pressure Gauge / Switch / Transmitter Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Air Flow Meter
Temperature Gauge / Switch/ Transmitter Ph Meter Air Velocity Meter
Control Valves Conductivity Sensor Wind Direction Sensor
Solar Radiation Meter Level Transmitter Leakage Detectors
Sound Level Meter Float Switch Fall Protection