Proportional Ball Valves Actuator Model no: BMS1.1

Proportional Ball Valves Actuator Model no: BMS1.1

As the process industry continues to achieve more efficient and productive plant design, plant engineers and technicians are faced, almost daily, with new equipment designs and applications. One product, a valve actuator, may be described by some as simply a black box, having an input (power supply or signal), an output (torque), and a mechanism or circuitry to operate a valve. Those who select control valves will quickly see that a variety of valve actuators are available to meet most individual or plant wide valve automation requirements. In order to make the best technical and economical choice, an engineer must know the factors that are most important for the selection of actuators for plant wide valve automation. Where the quality of a valve depends on the mechanical design, the metallurgy, and the machining, its performance in the control loop is often dictated by the actuator.

The decision to automate a valve is usually based on one or all of the following considerations.
• Safety
• Reliable operation
• Control and process system performance
• Inaccessible or remote valve location
• Cost
• Excessive valve torque
• Emergency response and whether it is fail-safe

These electric actuators are designed for operating JOVENTA JV Ball Valves, by the means of the ZAK 2 linkage Kit.

■■ DC 0(2)…10 V or 0(4)…20 mA control signal
■■ Up to 5 actuators in parallel operation possible
■■ Plug-in terminal block connection
■■ Simple mount on valves with ZAK2 linkage kit
■■ Selectable direction of rotation
■■ Manual release button
■■ 2 adjustable auxiliary switches
■■ Automatic shut-off at end position
(overload switch)

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