Air Quality Monitoring For Indoor and Outdoor Purpose

ALVI Automation (India) Pvt Ltd in association with ALVI Technologies Pty Ltd takes pride in introducing cutting edge MSR Germany gas detectors for Air Quality Monitoring for Indoor and Outdoor Purpose.

The air pollution caused by exhaust gases from automobiles has become a critical issue. In some regions, fossil fuel combustion is a problem as well. The principal gases that cause air pollution from automobiles are nitrogen oxides, NOx (NO and NO2), and carbon monoxide (CO). Because NOx gases with sulfur oxides (SOx) emitted from coal-fired plants cause acid rain and global warming and produce ozone (O3) that leads to serious metropolitan smog from photochemical reaction, they must be detected and reduced

In addition, as greater amounts of oil organic compounds are currently being produced by applied construction materials and households, the number of people who develop various symptoms after moving into a new apartment (e.g., tickle, vertigo, headache, skin trouble) is
increasing. The principal gases that cause this phenomenon (called “sick-building syndrome”) are formaldehyde (HCHO) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Especially, formaldehyde is the most dangerous among indoor pollutants as it could harm all kinds of organisms. Considering these, the allowed concentration of formaldehyde in the
Netherlands and Germany are only 0.1 ppm. Therefore, gas sensors with excellent reactivity and stability are needed. therefore the necessity of MSR Detectors in a must for all Indoor and outdoor applications which includes gases like : CO, CO2, NOx, SOx, VOC, O3, VOC, CH4, NH3, CH2O, O2 etc.

Description : 

  • Digital measurement value processing incl. temperature compensation
  • Internal function control with integrated hardware watchdog
  •  Data / measured values in μC of the sensor unit, therefore simple exchange uncalibrated <> calibrated
  • High accuracy, selectivity and reliability
  • Low zero point drift
  • Long sensor life time
  • Hardware & software according to SIL2 compliant development proces
  • Easy maintenance and calibration by exchange of the sensor unit or by comfortable on-site calibration
  •  4 – 20 mA (or 2 – 10 V) analog output with selectable signal output for special mode, fault etc.
  •  Reverse polarity protected, overload and short-circuit proof
  •  Housing for integration of the sensor unit
  •  IP 65 version
  • The sensor transmitter is housed in a Rugged enclosure (A housing or D housing) which can withstand Dust, Water splash, vibration knocks. It can withstand Harshest outdoor installation requirement including Mining, Defense and Marins applications.
  • Conformity to

o EN 50271
o EN 61010-1
o ANSI/UL 61010 1
o CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 61010-1
o EN 50104 (for O2)

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