Best Carbon Monoxide (CO) Sensor Transmitter

Best Carbon monoxide(CO) and Very early smoke & fire Sensor (VEFSA) Transmitter having benefits of High Accuracy, Long Life, in  Budgetary  Price .

Better monitor CO and CO+ radicals  which will solve the purpose of fire & Smoke monitoring as well as CO monitoring.

Best Uses for  :-

  • Carbon Monoxide with enhanced CO radical detection capability
  • Very early smouldering fire and smoke detection
  • VESFA system (very early smoke and fire alarm)
  • Parking area, garages, chillers rooms and heating, as well as dusty & humid area like pharmaceuticals, coal mine, conveyor belt, cement plant,coal yard, thermal power plants, flour mills, powder industries etc.


  • Make :  MSR Germany  (Made in Germany)
  • Sensor Model: MA-0-1110-F-B
  • Measuring Gas: Carbon Monoxide, Enhanced CO+ radicals
  •  Sensor element (cell): Electrochemical Diffusion, Electrolyte type Gel Based (no leak, no membrane rapture, no orientation problem & no false alarm )
  • Plug in type Sensor transmitter. (Easy maintenance, easy returnable in case of any fault in sensor or transmitter)
  • Measuring Range: 0-300 ppm (Standard)
  • Quick response and fast recovery to Zero
  • Poisoning Stable.
  • Over flooding protection
  • Connection: Two wire sensor.
  • Accuracy: ± 3 ppm.
  • Repeatability:
  • Response time T90:- ≤ 50 Seconds.
  • Warm up time (First Time):- ≤ 3 Min.
  • Protection Class: IP 44 Enclosure (Good for indoor application), Also available in IP54 and IP65 Enclosure (For outdoor application)
  • Stability & resolution:≤ 50 Seconds.
  • Sensor life expectancy: ≥ 5 years (Site feedback ≥ 10 years)
  • Calibration Interval : Yearly
  • Sensor Coverage Area:700 m2 to 750m2 (depends upon the country specific parking ventilation standards.)
  • Analog output signal : Standard: 4-20 mA Linear Output (2-10 Vdc)

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