We ALVI Automation India Pvt Ltd, Jaipur a Division of ALVI Technology Pty Ltd, Australia (Td/As Gas Alarm Systems) is involved in design engineering and supply of continuous gas monitoring and gas surveillance systems for prestigious clients and customers. This venture has been setup under Make In India programme in association with Australia. Our systems are being exported to countries like UAE, Cyprus and Qatar. Director of the Company Alak Jha is B.Tech, M.Tech in Electronics from IIT BHU, Business Management from Jadavpur university and Fibre Optics Engineering from Victoria University Australia with 44 years of experience in the field in countries like Germany, Italy, UK, USA, Singapore, Australia, Hongkong, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. The India team is backed by qualified Electronics, Electrical and Telecommunication Engineers and Technicians. Some of our prestigious clients in India are Honda, Denso, Siemens, Honeywell, Schneider, Bosch, NTPC, Apollo Tyres, Adani, BASF, Voltas, Blue Star etc.

Defence Application: 

1. TENT Protection System (attached): This system will continues monitor the breathable air quality of rapid forward movement of Army personnel in their forward camps from various toxics fumes (Terrorism gas threat, exhaust from rocket and missiles, bombs explosive nuclear).
In 2009 in Jaipur, Rajasthan REL (Rajasthan Electronics) were designing shelters/bunkers for Indian Army. REL had approached us and we had given a demonstration at REL Bunkers to a team headed by Brigadier who had shown great interest in such system.

2. Protection of Army, Navy and Air Force form dangerous risk of CBRNE (Chemical Biological Radio Nuclides and Explosive Gases) threats. We attached Govt. of Australia document where Gas Alarm System, Australia are designated as CBRNE system supplier along with various prestigious research institutes of Australia (See Page # 11 of CBRNE-Homeland Security)

3. Underground Shelter air quality monitoring in underground bunkers. During second World War Germany many such bunkers were designed and engineered giving safety to strategic decision makers who can escape to this bunker, take refuge in such shelter for 30 to 40 days with all safe breathable air quality food, emergency medical, emergency communication etc.

4. Navy HMAS Westralia Fire which killed Navy Personnel from diesel vapour fire and explosion. We can design engineer Safe-T-Sentry system for continuous monitoring of toxic and explosive gases and ensure safety of asset as well as Navy Personnel.

5. Falkland War Naval Ship Disaster: You must be aware of Falkland war between UK and Argentina. This British Naval Vessel was hit by an Argentinian missile, bomb which didn’t explode but the toxic exhaust fumes were sucked by the ship’s air conditioning ventilation system killing many Navy personnel. We can design engineer Safe-T-Sentry system for such toxic and explosive gases and control the ventilation fan to provide safety.

6. Hydrogen Monitoring System for Army, Navy and Airforce for battery room to protect from Hydrogen explosion in Army Datacentre , Communication Centre.

7. Indoor Air Quality Monitoring to keep Defence Hospitals, Defence Headquarters proving safe breathable air, thereby improving productivity and efficiency. (We have supplied many such systems to RBI, SBI, ICICI, Bank of Baroda, IIT Kanpur, IIT Mumbai etc.)

8. Defence ammunition storage fire and explosion millions of Dollars are wasted because of fire in ammunition warehouse, storage areas. Our Safe-T-Sentry VEFSA (Very Early Fire and Smoke Alarm) can provide earliest gas radical detection which are generated in ammunition if overheated. The system will detect the gas radical will generate the alarm to ensure safety of ammunition form fire. Please note by the time smoke and smoke alarm is generated its already too late and the asset cannot be protected.

As an Indian Team We look forward to be associated Govt of India department of defence providing world class cost effective reliable gas monitoring and control system for various CBRNE gases and surveillance to ensure safety of defence personnel and assets.

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