Clean Room Technology for applications in safety laboratories and in areas protected against contamination

Clean rooms may be found in many areas of industry as well as in clinical environments – for example, in the pharmaceutical industry, the semiconductor and solar power industries, aerospace engineering, nanotechnology, medical engineering, research, pharmacies, etc. Clean rooms are installed anywhere where products need to be protected against contamination from airborne particles.

In order to separate clean rooms from surrounding rooms and to prevent the infiltration of particles, suitable ventilation systems are installed which create a pressure cascade, depending on the classification of
the clean room.

As far as it is required by the product, the room temperature and / or the room air humidity levels may also be measured, recorded and applied as a control variable for the building control system.

The measuring instruments from FISCHER provide the measured values required at the highest degree of precision and with long-lasting repeatability.

Technical Description : 

Clean Room Display Panel for pharmaceutical industry

Make: Fischer Germany

Art No: RTW0000000000000D110PXXXX which includes :

 a.       Measured Value Display for panel mounting

       Model no : EA16A40R1S00 with features :

·         Display 3,5″ TFT-Touch-LCD horizontal

·         Design 4-channel (4 inputs, 4 outputs, 4 switch outputs)

·          With relay contacts

·         Data logging (incl. 32 GB micro SD card)

b.      Differential Pressure Transmitter

Model no : DE22L00045B900S0 with features :

·         Measuring range -20…+80Pa

·         Pressure connection push-on for 6/4mm hose

·         Output signal 4-20mA, 2-wire

·         Power supply 24V DC

c.       Digital Humidity/Temperature Sensor

Model no : FF62 with features :

·         Measuring range for Humidity : 0…100%rH

·         Measuring range for Temperature :  -40…+100°C

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