Carbon Monoxide (CO) Sensor Transmitter For Basement Ventilation Automatic Fan Control

We are glad to introduce you to our best, Compact Carbon Monoxide (CO) Sensor Transmitter For Basement Ventilation Automatic Fan Control Systems, Carbon Monoxide Sensor Transmitter which automatically monitors and controls all types of Fan,  from all brands of Fan ( Like Jet Fan, Exhaust Fan, Fresh air Fan )and save your electricity/energy and manpower. Continue reading “Carbon Monoxide (CO) Sensor Transmitter For Basement Ventilation Automatic Fan Control”

The PERFECT Low Cost CO Detector for the EMERGING Countries

We GasAlarm Systems in association with ALVI Automation India Private Limited, is a company based in Sydney, Australia ( specialising in gas detection & monitoring solutions.

With over 40 years of experience in the industry we like to think we know a little about the industry and how its changed over the decades.

What we found lacking was good quality reliable products which were low cost, especially for the developing/emerging markets & countries.
So, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to slowly introduce such products one by one.

We dedicated to start with the most common product in gas detection worldwide, the humble CO sensor.
Countless brands, models & technologies exist however we feel ours has hit the spot when it comes to the all-important price and performance ratio.

We’ve kept it extremely compact!
We’ve kept it extremely simple!

We’ll be honest, our aim is to sell this product at extremely low margins however in large quantities.
Thus, ensuring you, the customer keeps buying and sees the value add in the product locally.

Introducing the GasAlarm Systems GAS-CO-300-X

The all-in-one sensor/transmitter is made in Germany under an OEM exclusive agreement for us.
It uses an electrochemical sensor cell. NOT semi-conductor or MEMs semi-conductor like other cheap products!
It offers an industry standard measuring range of 0-300 ppm.
It runs on an industry standard 2 wire 24VDC current loop with a 4-20mA output.
It has 2x onboard potentiometers for future on-going calibrations, A zero & a span/gain pot.

To save you costs on freight & to help you with your own branding, we would be happy to sell these without an enclosure/housing.
You can then mount them locally in your own enclosure with your branding & part number!

In a small tray measuring 28cm (11in) x 19cm (7.5in) x 4cm (1.6in) we can fit 10x units without enclosures! We would add extra padding & another carton before shipping. Of course, if needed we can supply these with an enclosure as well.

Specifications in Detail:

  • 24VDC power with 4-20mA output (current loop)
  • 0-300PPM Carbon Monoxide measuring range
  • Long Life – ≥ 6 years (Life Expected  ≥  10 years)
  • High Accuracy –  ± 3ppm
  • Wiring – 2 wire system (reduce wire cost)
  • Onboard potentiometer for “zero” adjustment
  • Onboard potentiometer for “gain/span” adjustment
  • Multimeter connections for measurement during calibration
  • With “D” enclosure option, rated at IP65
  • With “F” enclosure option, rated at IP44
  • Calibration Interval – 12 Months
  • Easy to use with low maintenance  cost .

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