Combustible Gas Sensor Transmitter / Detector / Analyzer / Monitoring – Explosion proof (ATEX, IECEx, SIL2)

Flammable or Combustible Gas Sensors – detectors or transmitter for online, continuous monitoring in hazardous area (zone 1, zone 2)

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Gas detector or sensor transmitter for online, continuous monitoring of all toxic gases as below. These transmitters offer industry standard analog output in current or voltage form, or digital signals like Modbus RTU with RS485 serial interface. Optionally, these are also equipped with potential free relays.

These can be mounted on wall, ceiling, columns, ducts or pipelines.

The transmitters are SIL 2 certified instruments, for better safety.

Name of flammable or combustible gases:

Hydrogen LPG Methane
Acetic acid Acetylene Acetone
Ammonia Benzene Butyl acetate
Cyclohexane Cyclopentane Ethane
Ethyl acetate Ethyl Alcohol Ethylene
Ethylene oxide Ethyl Ether Iso- butane
Iso butyl alcohol Isopentane Iso propanol alcohol
Iso propyl Alcohol Methanol Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK)
n-butane n-pentane n-heptane
n-octane nitrogen trifluoride Nonane
Petrol Vapour Hydrocarbons Solvent Vapour
Propyl Alcohol Styrene Toluene
Trimethylbenzene Vinyl Acetate Xylene

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