Digital Differential Pressure Transmitter

The Fischer Germany DE90 is a Digital Differential Pressure Transmitter with additional switch outputs. It is suitable for measuring overpressure, under-pressure and differential pressure in neutral gaseous media & also the replacement of DE45 model.
The device may only be used for the purpose stipulated by the manufacturer.

Multifunctional differential pressure transmitter for air and neutral gases, optionally applicable in ATEX zones 2 and 22, large LC-display with colour change indicator. The digital differential pressure transmitter is suitable for many applications and is used in dynamic filter monitoring. The flexible device concept for your industrial applications.

Typical applications
• Space and clean room monitoring
• Supply and exhaust air systems, TNV systems
• Dynamic filter monitoring
• Filter monitoring
• Flow rate measurement
• Surface coating systems
• Process monitoring

Important features
• Robust, resistant to overpressure and maintenance-free
• Simple configuration
• Measuring ranges from
25 Pa to 25 kPa, – 1 mbar to 250 mbar
• Measuring accuracy up to 0.5%
• Turn Down 4:1
• Optionally one or two-channel mode with
Configurable output signal 0/4 … 20 mA, 0/2 … 10 V or 1…5V
Characteristic curve implementation and adjustment to the process 1 to 4 configurable switching outputs
• Multi-line LC display Full graphic, colour backlighting for visualising the operating states,  Multilingual plain text menu
• Digital interfaces  USB OTG,  RS485 Modbus RTU

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DE16 Fischer Differential Pressure Transmitter

DE16 Fischer Differential Pressure Transmitter

Make – Fischer Germany

Model : DE1602VDYYB90K00D0579 (in accordance with article DE1602VDYYB9D128)


DE16 Fischer Differential Pressure Transmitter can be used in different measuring range and application area like:-

Measuring transmitter for overpressure, partial vacuum and differential pressure.
This series is suitable for various measuring applications in the field of industrial and sanitary techniques.

Measurement of differential pressure between forward- and return flow
in heating systems. Monitoring of filters, blowers and compressors.

Main Features

  • Overpressure protection
  • Rugged design
  • Maintenance and wear free inductive pick-up
  • Multiple applications
  • Measuring range 0-1 bar (also available in diffrent measuring range, refer to the datasheets)
  • Measuring diaphragm/gaskets Viton Pressure chamber Aluminium/HART COAT Output Signal 4-20 mA 2-wire
  • Power supply 24V DC ±10% Electrical connection cable terminal box Suitable for connection to Siemens/Fender flange
  • Protection class: IP65 Outputsignal limited to 20 mA
  • Tolerance range for current limiting Toleranzbereich fur die Strombegrenzung
  • O-Ringe im Verschlussbeutel dem Gerat beigelegt Sprache (Typenschild): deutsch Typenschild: mit Fischer Logo Kennzeichnung: mit CE und UKC
    Betriebsanleitung: ohne BA

    Many more features refer to the attached DE 16 Datasheet   

SIL 2 Approved Pressure Instruments

We are glad to introduce SIL 2 approved pressure instruments in Austrlasian countries.

ALVI Group India/Australia   Pleased offers SIL 2 Approved Differential Pressure Transmitter, Switch,  Pressure Transmitter, Pressure Switch,  Level Transmitter,  Level Switch, Gauge and monitoring field instruments for use in the wide area of industries including process industry, building, MEP, HVAC, oil & Gas, chemical, food processing, nuclear, petrochemical, hydro, power plants etc.

Model No : MS11, DS11, DS13, DS21, DE44, DE45, NK10

SIL 2 approved Pressure Transmitter

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