Why Discrete Gas Detection System is Better Than Sampling System.?

In consultation with our Director Mr. Alak Jha from Sydney Australia who has been working in this field since 40 years and worked on this sequential sampling system while he was in Drager, MSA finds that none of the sequential systems works with satisfactory including coal yard application using the Ex-Proof pump by “Miahik” as regular service, maintenance, and replacement of spares is very essential who’s cost factor calculation is almost 3-4 times higher than the discrete-continuous type of system.

Hence would highly recommend going this discrete type of continuous monitoring system with data logging facilities for Application like Fruit Ripening, Cold Stores, Battery room, Server rooms, UPS Rooms, Electrical rooms, etc  

Few things that support the above-said points as follows for Sequential monitoring system :


  1. End line filter clogging (Dust filter gets clogged since in India we have a very fine trace of dust available which causes clogging)
  2. Condensate catch point (while drawing samples from long distance which includes Air, moisture, humidity, gases are compressed in a thin pipe which causes condensation)
  3. The pneumatic line is Difficult to maintain leak-free
  4. Tremendous Delay in sequential sampling time which may vary from 5-15 mins depending on the distance
  5. Cost and maintenance factor shall be increased about 3 to 5 time than the discrete type system


We would highly recommend using a discrete-continuous sensor transmitter with data logging and remote mobile monitoring and control facility


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