Fischer Pressure Temperature Humidity Measuring Instruments

DE 90 Digital Differential Pressure Transmitter

DE90 model of Fischer Germany Multifunctional Fischer Pressure Temperature Humidity Measuring Instruments for air and neutral gases.

Optionally applicable in ATEX zones 2 and 22, large LC-display with colour change indicator. The digital differential pressure transmitter is suitable for many applications and is used in dynamic filter monitoring.

The flexible device concept for your industrial applications

The FISCHER ECO-LINE – The new Differential-Pressure Transmitter DE80.

The differential pressure transmitter from the FISCHER ECO-LINE® is robust, safe against overpressure, maintenance-free and suitable for neutral gas media. Typical areas of application are technical building equipment, clean room technology, filter monitoring, volume flow measurement, the control of frequency inverters, the measurement and monitoring of overpressure, negative pressure and differential pressure.

The measuring ranges for this differential pressure transmitter are between 25 Pa and 25 kPa or 0.25 mbar to 250 mbar. A possible offset correction can be made via a zero point button in the DE80 . Each basic measuring range can be spread into seven predefined measuring ranges via a DIP switch. In the basic measuring range, the maximum measuring error (linearity, hysteresis and non-repeatability) is 1.5%.

In addition to the switchable analogue output 0/4 … 20 mA or 0/2 … 10 V, the 3-wire version has an optional fully graphic LC display and an optional changeover contact. The 2-wire version has a current loop 4 … 20 mA and optionally a fully graphic LC display. The Modbus RTU version has an optional full-graphic LC display.

Fischer Pressure Temperature Humidity Measuring Instruments DE16, DE45, DE46, DS11, ME11, ME13 MA13, MA11, MA30, MS11, TW39, TW36  & many other related series are specially designed  robust, safe against overpressure, maintenance-free and suitable for Neutral gas, Air,  Vacuumed pressure media. For more details and enquiries please get in touch with us on

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Custom Built FISCHER Differential Pressure Switch model no DS1302VAYYYD0064

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Principles of Operation

This differential pressure instrument is based on a rugged and uncomplicated diaphragm movement, suitable for overpressure, partial vacuum and differential pressure measurements. The system’s operating principle is identical for all applications of this type. In a state of balance, forces of springs on both sides of diaphragm are balanced. The Pressure or differential pressure to be measured creates an unbalanced force of springs for measuring range until a new balance is reached. When subjected to excessive pressure, the diaphragm rests on metal supporting plates. A centre-mounted tappet transfers motion of the diaphragm system to indicator movement and to initiating elements of the microswitches.

General Specifications : 

  • Measuring range : 0… 400 mbar up to 0… 25 bar (see ordering code)
  • Nominal pressure : 25 bar
  • Max. static operating pressure : acc. to measuring range (see ordering code)
  • Max. pressure load : one-sided overpressure protected up to nominal pressure on (+) – and (-) side of diaphragm, partial vacuum protected
  • Perm. ambient temperature : -10… +70°C
  • Perm. medium temperature : 70°C
  • Protection class : IP 54 acc. to DIN EN 60529
  • Mounting position : as desired
  • Measuring accuracy  : ± 2.5% FS
  • Zero adjustment : located in the dial

Measuring System

  • Measuring ranges < 16 bar : diaphragm measuring system, diaphragm of fabric back stayed elastomer
  • Measuring range 0-25 bar : diaphragm measuring system, diaphragm of DURATHERM®

Switching Elements

  • Contact output : 1 or 2 microswitches, 1-channel change-over contacts
  • Adjustment of switching points : external adjustment by standard value scales smallest adjustable value: approx. 5% FS
  • Switching hysteresis : approx. 2.5% FS
  • Load data / contacts : U ~ max. = 250 V AC, I max. = 5 A, P max. = 250 VA
    U = max. = 30 V DC, I max. = 0.4 A, P max. = 10 W
  • Electrical Connection : numbered cable, prewired terminal box, 7-channel plug
  • Pressure Connection : thread G1/4 female, cutting ring connection for 6, 8, 10,12 mm tube of brass, zinced steel or chrome nickel steel connection shank G1/4 male DIN EN 837


  • Pressure chamber : aluminium GkAlSi10(Mg), varnished black
    aluminium GkAlSi10(Mg) HART-COAT® chrome nickel steel 1.4305
  • Measuring diaphragm : diaphragm measuring system and gaskets of NBR or Viton®, diaphragm of DURATHERM® NiCrCo-alloy
  • Materials: medium : stainless steel 1.4310, 1.4305
  • Materials: housing : macrolon
  • Weight : pressure chamber of Al = 1.2 kg, pressure chamber of 1.4305 = 3.5 kg
  • Mounting : pipe mounting, pressure connections = (+), (-) symbols
    • by screwed-in cutting ring or clamping ring connection
    • by screwed-in connection shank acc. to DIN EN 837 for nipple fitting acc. to DIN 16288
    • 3 fastening elements

For more info Click here to access the datasheet