GasAlarm ( is Restructured as ALVI Automation (India) Pvt Ltd ( under Australasian strategy

  • Please note the company GasAlarm( India has been restructured under Australasian strategy with new company ALVI Automation (India) Pvt Ltd( (Please refrain from dealing with Vinod Gogoriya who is no longer associated with our new company). This company from now onwards will sell, service, maintain all MSR Germany Gas Detection systems, BECK, JOLA, FISCHER and JOVENTA products
  • We are the authorized distributor of Germany MSR, FISCHER, JOLA, JOVENTA and BECK. Since all the products are manufactured in Germany hence Quality and Reliability are assured
  • All MSR gas monitoring falls under critical safety system for life and plant protection. They need periodic service and calibration and ALVI Automation can assist you in the same

We are the authorized distributors and country representative of few German companies for India and can offer you gas sensor/analyser for all toxic (CO, AIR Quality, H2S, SO2, NO2 etc), flammable gases (H2, LPG, CNG, benzene etc) and oxygen, DP switch for air, water, aggressive media, DP Transmitter for air , water, aggressive media, Electric actuators, Level transmitter for water, diesel, float switch, process instrumentation for diff. pressure, pressure, level, temperature, Humidity etc. both for safe and hazardous area(ZONE 1 and ZONE 2) applications (IEC-EX, ATEX, SIL2 certified) of make MSR/Germany, FISCHER/Germany, JOLA/Germany, JOVENTA/Germany, GREISINGER/Germany and BECK/Germany range of products

ALVI Automation India Pvt Ltd is a Div. of ALVI Technologies Pty Ltd, Sydney-Australia, in operation since 2003. The company also operates under GasAlarm Systems. We are a group of experienced engineers, offering gas detection monitoring and control systems, process instrumentation, measurement & control products and automation solutions. We have been involved in several automation industries in the Australasian region including now in India. Our mission is to grow consistently using the best global technologies in products and services offered to customers. Our aim is to best serve and maintain long term relationships by providing most cost effective appropriate solutions. We are committed towards customer satisfaction through quality products and services. Our vast clientele proves the same. AAIPL derives competitive advantage from its excellent track record, product strategy, and the expertise of its team. The team is a group of more than 15 young dynamic energetic extremely talented industry professionals, who are qualified, trained, motivated and experienced enough to serve our customers well.


Our Primary Focus :

  • Critical Life Safety, Asset Safety, Asset Enhancement.
  • Process control instrumentation, process optimisation most cost effective way.
  • Energy saving, green house gas saving.
  • Pollution monitoring for better environmental control.
  • Industrial and Building Automation for better information flow, control.
  • Service, calibration, maintenance for asset protection, improvement (We take pride in this).
  • Training to customers, clients for effective use, operation of delivered system (we take pride in this too).
  • ALVI Automation (India) Pvt Ltd and Gas Alarm India in association with ALVI Technologies Pty Ltd , Gas Alarm Systems Sydney Australia, Deals with cutting edge Germany range products which includes :
  • MSR / Germany  gas sensors for H2, LPG, Hydrocarbons, LEL sensors, Methane, Hydrocarbons, Propane, Butane, LNG, CNG, Acetylene, Ethylene, Diesel fumes, CO2, VOC, SO2, H2S, HCN, HCI, NO, NO2 etc for hazardous(Zone 1 and Zone 2) and safe area application (IEC-EX, ATEX, SIL2, UL, CE certified)
  • JOLA Germany range of Liquid spill, liquid level, temperature Instruments with ATEX certified.
  • FISCHER / Germany range of Pressure, differential pressure, level, flow monitoring for air and liquid (Aggressive media) with (ATEX, SIL2 certified).
  • JOVENTA / Frakta Germany range of damper/Electric actuators.
  • GREISINGER / Germany Portable, standalone range of Liquid devices like PH, TDS, Conductivity, dissolved O2 etc and Gas measurement.
  • BECK / Germany range of Pressure, Differential Pressure, Switches and Transmitters including for ATEX hazardous area.


  • All these sensor/Field instruments are all based on German Technology, as all these sensors/Field Instruments are manufactured in Germany, hence quality and reliability are assured.


  • ALVI Automation (India) Pvt Ltd  ( is involved in design, engineering, sales, service of Gas Detection Systems, Monitoring and Control Systems, PLC, SCADA, Building Automation, Factory/Industrial Automation, Instrumentation, System Integration and Control Panels. The Gas Sensors/Control modules are made by our associates MSR in Germany.

        The systems find wide application in:

CO/NO/NO2 monitoring in underground car parks for ventilation fan control meeting BCA, Leed/USA, AS 1668.2 (saves 60-80 % energy costs – investment paid back in 3-6 months). Run the fans only when required meeting the regulations, safety standards, energy saving/greenhouse gas saving requirement

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring (VOC/CO2) in buildings and controlling fresh air ventilation intake fans only when required (saves 60-80% energy costs)

Refrigerant Gas Leak Monitoring and alarm systems (R134a, R410a, Ammonia, CO2, LPG etc) for various refrigerants to meet GWP (Global Warming Potential) and AS 1677 refrigeration safety standards

Toxic Gas/Combustible Gas/Oxygen monitoring, control, alarm systems for plant, industry, human safety (Oil/Gas, Petro-chemicals, mining, Power Stations, Chemical Industries, water/waste water treatment plants)

Hazardous Area Gas Detection Systems for Oil/Gas Industries (very good potential in Myanmar) , IEC-Ex, SIL 2 certifiedPollution/Emission monitoring systems (some typical parameters are CO, CO2 etc)

Pollution/Emission monitoring systems (some typical parameters are CO, CO2 etc)

On Line, continuous gas monitoring analyzers for CH4, CO2 and some other parameters for bio-gas, land-fill gas, methane drainage (Coal Bed Mining Methane)

Fumigation gases monitoring in grain silos (phosphine, methyle bromide etc)CO2 monitoring in oil/gas CO2 capture and storage

  • In addition under ALVI Automation/GasAlarm, we provide instrumentation solutions like :
    1. Pressure, differential pressure, level, flow, volume Monitoring.
    2. Liquid leak, spill, level detection and monitoring including hydrocarbon spill on water.
    3. MSR Traffic – car parking, traffic navigation systems.(


  • Our valuable customers are Siemens-India, Johnson Controls-India, Honeywell India, Schneider electric India, Adani-group, BASF, L&T, BHEL, HCPL-HMEL, HONDA, Denso-International, Bluestar, Greenheck etc are regularly buying from ALVI Automation (India) PVT LTD with that we are covering all industry segments, oil&gas, petro-chemical, chemical, power, water/waste water, landfills, mining, food & beverage, laboratories, refrigeration industries and Defence Organizations. We take pride in meeting customer.


AAIPL provides information to engineers, professionals and everybody who is interested in Instrumentation, Process automation and control.

We provide services & training on Process Automation and Control, like DCS (Distributed Control Systems), BMS (Building Management System), PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), Batch Control, PID, Advanced Control, Measurement, HMI (Human Machine Interface), Measurement, Process Instrumentation, Industrial Automation Training. Our services programs are designed to minimize downtime, delays and unforeseen expenditures. With a comprehensive maintenance we make sure your instruments are always in top operating order. This gives you the peace of mind.



Maintenance is as important for instruments as for relations. AAIPL understands the importance of service required after sales to maintain the product performance. Our business has been built around providing the highest quality products and services. Our team is ever ready to serve the customers at their back and call. We can ensure a prompt service, immediate response and quick access. We pride ourselves on our product selection, expertise, customer service and technical support.

For more information please do not hesitage to contact us