Save Your Chemical Store Rooms from Hazardous Incidents Using Smart GSM Based System

Introducing our Smart GSM Remote Controller & Alarm System 

Typical applications
The voltage-free relays can be used with our other GC-series controllers to add remote functionality to a control system. The device can be paired with other controllers as well and a range of application for the device is mentioned below:
1. Security Alarm System applications;
2. Supervision and monitoring of alarm systems
3. Automatic monitoring system;
4. Vending Machines;
5. Pumping Stations;
6. Buildings and Real Estate;
7. Weather Station’s remote control and data logging;
8. River Monitoring and Flood Control remote control;
9. Oil and gas pipelines remote control and data logging;
10. Corrosion protection
11. Valve controls;
12. Wellheads;
13. Energy-saving, street lights control system;
14. Tanks, levels, temperatures, water leakage applications;
15. Transformer stations; 16. Unmanned machine rooms;
17. Control room application;
18. PLC and Automation System, M2M;
19. GSM Access Control System, GSM Gate Opener, etc.

GMS design

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