MSR H2 Sensor Transmitter with GasAlarm Display Monitoring/Control Panel

ALVI AUTOMATION INDIA PVT LTD ( a Div of ALVI TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD( also trading as       GasAlarm Systems( feels honour in introducing MSR Germany Hydrogen Sensor transmitter with GasAlarm Display Monitoring/Control Panel.

Description for MSR H2 sensor transmitter :

Analog transmitter for monitoring of gases and vapors in the ambient air. It is used for garages, chiller rooms and heating. The μ-Gard analog transmitter series MA is a reliable gas detector.

Application : 

For the detection of gases within a wide range of commercial applications Like :

  • Refinery, petrochemical and natural gas plants
  • Battery Rooms
  • Metallurgical
  • Chemical, medication
  • Environment protection
  • Electricity, communications
  • Fire protection
  • Utilities
  • Storage
  • Sewage disposal


  • Continuous monitoring
  •  Low zero point drift
  •  Poisoning stable
  •  Long life sensor
  •  Easy maintenance / calibration
  •  Reverse polarity protected
  •  Overload protected
  •  4 – 20 mA analog signal output
  •  2-10V analog signal output
  • IP 44/54/65 protected enclosure

Description of GasAlarm Display Monitoring/Control Panel

ALVI Technologies/ ALVI Automation India / GasAlarm Sydney, Australia, Designed and engineered alarm display unit with  following features:

Best part is it can be customized according to the clients requirement 

Model no: GasAlarm-1200 

  • 1xChannel sensor inputs (4-20 ma)
  • 1×4 digit 7 segment display
  • 2xRelays output
  • 2xlevel alarm set
  • 24VDC power supply for sensor inbuilt of panel
  • Keypad for setting with preset value for alarm Regeneration
    1. 25%LEL for low Level Alarm (Changeable)
    2. 50%LEL for High Level Alarm(Changeable)
  • 230 VAC Power supply
  • Housed in wall mount IP 54 enclosure

Click here to access the datasheet