Carbon Dioxide Transmitter, Monitor and Controller


Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the second main gas responsible of the greenhouse effect and the major gas discussed during environmental summits. It is mainly used, according to its state:

  • Under its solid state, carbon dioxide (CO2) is used as a cool pack.
  • Under its gaseous state, it is used in the beer brewing and the wine growing
  • Under its liquid state, carbonic gas is used to charge efficient extinguishers against any type of fire.

It is the result of complete combustions, both natural (volcanic eruptions, fire, etc.) and anthropogenic (car engine combustion, industry combustions, etc.)

Naturally present in the atmosphere at low concentration, carbon dioxide (CO2), also known as carbonic gas, remains hazardous. As it is essential for photosynthesis, it can be found in greenhouses to increase plant growth.


CO2 effect


The carbonic gas is colourless in the visible light but absorbing in the infrared spectrum, and such is responsible of the greenhouse effect.

Odourless, non-flammable and non-toxic, carbon dioxide (CO2) is produced in the body and eliminated in the lungs.

Nevertheless, the carbonic gas features asphyxiating properties. As it is heavier than the air it is present in the poor ventilated locations (confined spaces) like tanks, sewers, holes…


CO2 gasalarm

Fixed gas detection systems are able to measure the carbon dioxide variations.

  • GasAlarm CO2 gas detector like the GAS-CO2-XXX allows percentage by volume measurements of the carbonic gas variations in the atmosphere.
  • To monitor an area where several people work together like maintenance works in confined spaces.
  • The fixed GasAlarm CO2 gas detection systems come with the following features:
  • Measuring range: 0-5000 PPM or 0-2000 PPM
  • Relay output: One passive relay output (max.5A)with the control mode selection with an inbuilt buzzer
  • OLED Display
  • Modbus RS485 output for BMS integration
  • Color changeable LED light
  • Supply voltage: 24VAC/VDC

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