Oxygen (O2) Gas Detector

Oxygen (O2) gas detectors are used for or the detection of oxygen in rooms where changes of the oxygen concentration are possible, such as laboratories, hospitals and food process industries etc.

H2 ARB2 sesnor

Alarm limits for decreasing concentration of gas is set to 18-19% Vol.

Other reasons why oxygen levels can fall are among others:

  • Combustion of something which consumes oxygen
  • Corrosion of something that reduces the oxygen concentration
  • Oxygen consumption due to breathing in dense areas.

Problems usually arise in confined spaces such as tanks, tunnels, etc.

Oil- and gas industry

The normally closed spaces like tanks, containers, pontoons, etc..
corrosion may have contributed to making oxygen levels drop to low values.

A worker entering such an area may die immediately.

Therefore, it is important to first check the oxygen concentration in the compartment. In some cases, other gases may be present, both toxic and explosive. Therefore it may be necessary to use a portable instrument or VOC Gas type online monitoring sensor transmitter that measures several gases at the same time.

Before stepping into, for example, a tank you should check the oxygen concentration in the tank with a portable gas detector or VOC gas detector. Continue reading “Oxygen (O2) Gas Detector”