Refrigerants Gas Leak Detectors – R32

We ALVI Automation a div of ALVI Technologies Pvt Ltd (Also trading as GasAlarm) is pleased to announce recently we have received many enquires and valuable orders of Refrigerants Gas Leak Detectors from several reputed industries of markets like – VOLTAS, BLUE STAR, UCPL, ZAMIL ETC.

We have Refrigerant Gas Detector in our product range which is highly accurate & fast responsive at the low-cost price having a long life benefit

As we know that Refrigerants gas are heavier than air. They tend to remain stagnant and progressively replace oxygen. For optimal efficiency of your refrigerant leak detection system, refrigerant sensors should be placed under the cooling unit and linked to a gas detection display control unit. In case of leakage, the controller unit will shut down the power supply of the cooling installation.

PolyGard®2 sensors are used for leakage detection in refrigeration systems. Refrigerants are highly toxic and usually very harmful to the environment. An undesired leakage of the refrigerant has to be strictly avoided. The gas alarm systems of MSR-Electronic reliably detect any gas leaks.

First and foremost you protect human life and the refrigeration system is monitored.

All products comply with and even exceed the new European standard EN 378.

  • Please watch a simple demo of our Gas leak Control and Monitoring System – click here
  • All these sensors are manufactured in Germany hence quality and reliability are assured.

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