Are you ready for the EN 50545-1?


The EN 50545-1 is Europe’s response to the demand for more safety in tunnels und garages.
Effective from August 2014 the mandatory standard defines the standard of the detection and gas warning technology as well as the measurement in target systems and is further interpreted from country to country. Nevertheless, the standard is still not fully implemented by many manufacturers.
What is the EN 50545 in detail?

The target gases of the standard are those that are important for the safety in garages CO, NO und NO2. These are the result of combustion products in motor vehicles. Depending on the country there may also be additional gases. There are strict specifications for calibration accuracy with a maximum of 3 % deviation. The alarm systems must be triggered in a predetermined calculation and reaction time. The IP54 protection class for the sensors and the integration of an emergency power supply into the gas alarm system is required for the systems used.

The setting options of the alarm thresholds are now carried out according to international regulations, but also may be made stricter nationally. In addition there are exact longevity requirements. The definition of the software quality are made via the reference to the EN 50271. A SIL1 compliance is required here, but the FMEDA calculation is not mandatory. Narrow definitions of temperature, humidity and foreign gas influences require a high production standard for sensor and gas alarm systems manufacturers.

The catalog of specifications therefore includes narrowly defined production limits. It takes a large amount of technical effort in order to be able to confidently confront the standard. MSR-Electronic has overcome these obstacles through many years of experience in gas detection technology and had their products certified.

How do you get the certification?
In order to obtain a certification according to the new EN 50545-1, the producer needs to pass the extensive test catalog with different test definitions. To review the rules there is now a specification all over Europe for a uniform type examination. This controls whether you have EN 50545-1 certified products, the complete system complies with the standard and is designated for safe public use.
With its philosophy „Safety First“, MSR-Electronic stands for maximum safety
Therefore MSR-Electronic is also one of the few gas detection technology companies that already complies with EN 50545-1 and also meets the SIL2 requirements. This means that MSR-Electronic goes one important step further in its safety concept with its products and focuses on SIL2 (EN 50545-1: SIL1).
This means for the customers of MSR-Electronic that they need not be concerned about the safety of their gas alarm system. MSR-Electronic has already covered that.

In EN 50545-1 the responsibility stops at the signal evaluation. At MSR everything is covered from sensor to evaluation up to the actuators.
Consequently MSR-Electronic completes with its SIL2 complying products the closed loop and provides maximum safety systems.
The safety requirement level SIL (Safety Integrated Level) is a measure for the probability of failure of a functional system. It is indicated in levels from 1-4, whereby 1 represents the lowest level and level 3 is required only in most exceptional cases of gas detection technology.
Are your systems ready for the uniform type examinations in Europe?
On the subject of safety and innovations in garages and tunnels with EN 50545-1 and SIL by EN 50545-1 a symposium will be held in 2017.