Vinod Gogoriya of EK engineering, India is absconding from the clutches of Rajasthan Police

We would like to spread the word out to all our customers, especially our customers from India, that Rajasthan Police is hunting for criminal Vinod Gogoriya of EK engineering, India along with his wife Mamta Gogoriya who are absconding.

Some of our customers are still being misled and cheated by Vinod Gogoriya of EK engineering, India. This is to inform all our customers that ALVI Automation is the only company in India from where you should source all your process instruments, including  – MSR, Fischer, and Jola products, Joventa.

Rajasthan Police have published Criminal Vinod Gogoriya, his wife Mamta Gogoriya as absconder and is asking public for any related information. It’s our sincere urge to everyone, if you know anything about Vinod Gogoriya or his wife Mamta Gogoriya, please inform Rajasthan Police via their weblink as attached below and help injustice.

We would appreciate the support from everyone in spreading the news out and doing the right thing.