Very Early Fire & Smoke Detection Sensor Transmitter / Detector

Model: VEFSA
Very Early Fire Detector / Transmitter is designed for detection of smoke/fire radicals (products of combustion, spontaneous combustion of coal) which constitute the earliest stage of smoldering fire. Any smoldering fire (wood, coal, electrical simulation etc) produce gas radicals as very early sign of fire.


  • 1st stage: Gas Radicals (host of gases are generated depending on the application)
  • 2nd stage: Non-Visible smoke (air aspirated smoke analyser like VESDA)
  • 3rd stage: Visible smoke (picked up by smoke detectors: Ionisation or optical)
  • 4th stage: Red Hot: CCTV, Temp sensor etc.
  • 5th stage: Flame (Flame detectors like UV/IR, IR3 etc.)

Detection by VEFSA: 1st stage of fire / smoke, to give earliest sign of fire and smoke, even before invisible smoke occurs


  • Coal mines, coal stockyards, bunkers
  • Clean rooms
  • Power plants
  • Heavy industries
  • Pharmaceutical application
  • Cements plants
  • Oil & Gas
  • Defense etc.


  • Unaffected by dust (fine, coarse), moisture, vibration, temperature and other external factor
  • Digital measurement value processing incl. temperature compensation
  • Low zero point drift
  • Good stability to poisoning
  • Long life sensor
  • Modular plug-in technology
  • Easy maintenance
  • Comfortable calibration with selective access release
  • Reverse polarity protected, overload and short-circuit proof
  • (0) 4-20mA / (0) 2-10V analog signal output (optional)
  • IP54 / 65 protected
  • With potential free relays (optional)
  • Manual drift adjustment via potentiometer (optional)
  • Manual addressing for RS-485 mode (optional)

While conventional smoke and fire detectors are affected by dust, moisture due to optional detection method, VEFSA give you uninterrupted, continuous and true alarm because of unmatched and advance detection technology and microprocessor based value processing. Thus offering you best industrial product for earlier detection of fire and smoke for every type of industries – cement, pharma, cleanroom, flour mills, coke oven, coal handling plants, thermal plants, bunker, naval application etc.