Wireless Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station (AAQMS)

Wireless Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station (AAQMS)

ALVI Automation Gas Alarm System India offer MSR Traffic, Germany AAQMS (ambient air quality monitoring station) for continuous monitoring of pollutant gases (NO2, SO2, O3, CO) and suspended particulate matter PM10. Equipped with wireless technology and inbuilt provision of solar power, it is quite mobile product and can be installed at any location for pollution monitoring. U-air is also equipped to send notifications alerts. The product has been designed in coherence with pollution monitoring norms and can be applied to any industry, locations. This can also be installed at traffic locations, roads, highways to monitor pollution levels and send data to central monitoring server on continuous basis. Same to be applied to install at industrial and commercial locations and send data to pollution boards’ central monitoring servers.


  • Industries – chemical, pharmaceutical, clean room, cement, marine, shipping, processing, food, petrochemical, automobile, ancillilary, power plants etc
  • Traffic area – roads, highway, municipal
  • Sewage treatment, water treatment


  • Easy to install & uninstall
  • Flexible network configuration
  • Air pollution detection
  • High density network
  • Reusable enclosure and replaceable sensors (2 years lifetime)
  • Air Quality Index estimation
  • Notification alerts

Through its unique chemical and optical sensors, U-air can measure, monitor and send data for:

Measurement range:

  • NO2: 0 – 40.5 mg/m3
  • SO2: 0 – 42.3 mg/m3
  • O3: 0 – 56.4 mg/m3
  • PM10: 0 – 400 μg/m3


  • NO2: 0.203 mg/m3
  • O3: 0.211 mg/m3
  • SO2 : 0.282 mg/m3
  • PM10: 1 μg/m3

Technical specifications:

  • Connectivity IEEE® 802.15.4 Compliant 2.45 GHz
  • Antenna Omnidirectional
  • Range to communication
  • U-Air nodes to (U-Flag/U-Box) 50 m
  • Sampling & data transmission rate Every second 15 minutes
  • Power supply Universal 90 – 240V AC or solar energy
  • Weight 650 g
  • Ingress protection IP55 enclosure
  • Wind resistance more than 200 Km/h
  • Temperature conditions 20ºC to 50ºC,
  • Huminity conditions 15 to 90% RH