Joventa Standard Series Electric Non Spring Return Actuators

Joventa Standard Series Electric Non Spring Return Actuators



Gas Alarm Systems India( in association with Gas Alarm Systems Australia ( offer Joventa Standard Series Electric Non Spring Return Actuators.


The Joventa Standard Series Electric Actuators are
direct-mount actuators. These bidirectional actuators
do not require a damper linkage, and are easily installed
on round shafts or square shafts using the standard shaft
clamp included with the actuator.
A single Electric Non Spring Return Actuator provides
8, 16, 24 or 32 Nm torque depending on the model.
Two integral line voltage auxiliary switches indicate
end stop position or performs switching functions within
the selected rotation range.
They provide 90° of rotation. A graduated scale from
0° to 90° and a position indicator provide visual indication
of stroke.

The Joventa Standard Series Electric Non Spring Return
Actuators mount directly to the surface in any convenient
orientation using the anti-rotation bracket (parts included
with the actuator).
No additional linkages or couplers are required. Electrical
connections are identified with numbers permanently
marked on the actuator terminal block. The wiring details
are included on the actuator housing.
This Actuators can be easily installed on dampers with
round shafts from 10 to 20 mm or square shafts from
10 to 16 mm using the standard shaft coupler included
with the actuator. If the damper shaft extends less than
48 mm, install a shaft extension recommended by the
damper manufacturer.
The direction of the powered operation can be changed,
depending on the models by reversing the motor plug in
the board or by setting a dipswitch (see Actuators models
section for more details).
The actuator is factory set to work clockwise.
A push button disengage the internal gears letting the
actuator to be manually override.